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London AV Hire: Audio Hire, Video Walls & Projector Screens Rental

Is There A London AV Hire Company For Corporate Events?

With 20 years experience in the industry, Karizma AV Ltd provides the service of AV equipment hire in central London and throughout the UK. They use cutting-edge 2D and 3D projection mapping in addition to widescreen mix projections as their creative presentation methods.

You can trust them to provide your corporate event with whatever you need, including projectors, screens, microphones, cameras, and everything in between. They’ll be there that day to set up, run, and take down the equipment. You can rest easy knowing that your event is in their professional hands.

What Companies Provide Audio Hire And Video Walls?

Karizma AV Ltd have been providing their services to events in London for over two decades and are still going strong today. As one of London’s most sought after event production companies, they hire their equipment for sporting events, music festivals, conferences, exhibitions and much more.

Karizma offers audio hire and video wall rentals for events of all sizes. Along with screen hire for a live event, you can also hire staging, lighting and audio equipment to complete the event. A member of their team will be on hand to set-up all screen, sound and lighting equipment.

What Are Video Walls?

A video wall is a display technology that consists of multiple individual displays, such as monitors, screens, or projectors, arranged in a grid-like or tiled configuration to create a larger and seamless visual display. Video walls are designed to present content as a single, cohesive image across the entire combined screen area, making them particularly effective for creating impactful and immersive visual experiences. They are commonly used in various professional settings for advertising, entertainment, information display, and communication purposes.

What Is AV Equipment?

AV equipment stands for “Audio-Visual equipment.” It refers to a wide range of devices and technologies used to facilitate audio and visual presentations, communication, and entertainment. AV equipment is commonly used in various settings such as classrooms, conference rooms, theatres, homes, and event spaces.

What Are The Different Types Of AV Equipment?

  1. Displays: These include screens, monitors, projectors, and digital signage. They are used to display visual content such as images, videos, and presentations.
  2. Audio Equipment: This category includes speakers, microphones, amplifiers, mixers, and sound systems. These devices are used to produce and amplify sound for different purposes, from speeches to music playback.
  3. Presentation Tools: These tools include items like document cameras, interactive whiteboards, and smart displays. They enable presenters to share and annotate content during presentations.
  4. Video Conferencing Equipment: Video cameras, webcams, and conferencing systems are used for remote communication, confrences and virtual meetings.
  5. Playback Devices: These devices can play audio and video content from various sources, such as Blu-ray players, DVD players, streaming devices, and media players.
  6. Recording Equipment: Devices like camcorders, digital recorders, and video capture cards allow users to record and save audio and video content.
  7. Cables and Connectors: HDMI cables, VGA cables, audio cables, and various adapters are necessary to connect different AV components.
  8. Control Systems: These systems help manage and control multiple AV devices from a centralized interface. They simplify the process of switching between sources and adjusting settings.
  9. Lighting Equipment: In some cases, lighting equipment is also considered part of AV setups, as proper lighting can significantly impact the visual quality of presentations and recordings.

Is It Expensive To Hire An AV Companies Professional Services?

AV hire for a one-off event is a must, unless you wish to keep all the equipment. Even if you’re not living in London, screens, lighting and sound equipment isn’t cheap to buy brand new. Opting to hire a team that provides and installs the equipment will save you both time and money. You can hire professionals in the event industry from Karizma AV Ltd who offer AV equipment hire in London who will be able to offer a quote tailored to suit your event.

Can I Get Projector Hire For Events In London?

Yes, projectors can absolutely be hired for events. Many event rental companies offer projector rental services to cater to various types of events, such as presentations, conferences, meetings, weddings, parties, and more. Renting a projector for your event can be a practical solution if you don’t own a projector or if you need a higher-quality or specialized projector for a specific occasion.





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