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The first LED screens were developed in the 1970s, but they were not widely used until much later. The technology was initially expensive and limited in terms of color and resolution. However, as technology improved, LED large screens began to gain popularity in the 1990s, particularly in the advertising industry. At this time, LED large screens were primarily used for large outdoor displays, such as a large wall, billboards and scoreboards.

What are LED large screens?

– The latest in TV technology

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” and when it comes to LED large screens, these displays are made up of numerous LEDs that are assembled together to form a large screen. These screens are commonly used in outdoor advertising, stadium scoreboards, and concerts, as they are able to provide bright and vivid images even in bright sunlight. The LED modules themselves are made up of tiny light-emitting diodes that can emit different colors of light, typically red, green, and blue. These colors combine to create a wide range of colors on the screen.

LED screens are popular for a number of reasons. LED large screens displays are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are also energy-efficient, and are able to display high-quality images even from a distance. Additionally, LED screens can be customized to suit the specific needs of the user, with options for pixel pitch, resolution, and color depth.

In the early 2000s, advancements in LED technology led to the development of higher resolution and color depth displays, making them suitable for indoor use as well. This led to a surge in popularity for LED screens in a wide range of applications, including concerts, trade shows, and corporate events. Today, LED large screens are used in a variety of settings, from sports arenas and concert venues to shopping malls and corporate offices.

Screen Hire for corporate events

Karizma AV is the ideal audio visual reimbursement provider for your business function with a wide selection of tried and true indoor and outdoor AV equipment. Our knowledgeable team of technicians will be able to customise the chic AV package to hire for your event based on the type of event you are organising. You can trust us to provide you with everything you need, including projectors, screens, mics, panels, cameras, and everything in between. We’ll be there that day to set up, run, and take down the equipment. You can rest easy knowing that your event is in the most fashionable hands in the industry when you use us for your AV needs.

Get the best displays for an indoor dance floor at your event

As the event develops, you can feel secure thanks to our top-notch lighting and sound equipment for creating incredible dance floors. Regardless of the location you select, we guarantee that we will make the most of it to create the indoor spellbinding atmosphere that your audience is looking for. Our technical team has been renowned for its outstanding contributions to all initiatives thus far with its two decades of experience to create unique spaces for your guests. We can transform any function into a fantastic dancefloor that will be just like being in a club.

Outdoor events

Video walls can be used for a variety of outdoor corporate events, including:

Product Launches – Video walls can be used to showcase the features and benefits of a new product to a large audience.

Trade Shows – At outdoor trade shows, large display screens can be used to showcase company products and services, or to provide interactive displays that engage visitors and promote brand awareness.

Conferences – Video walls can be used at outdoor conferences to display keynote speeches, presentations, and other important information.

Corporate Announcements – Companies can use video walls to make important announcements, such as mergers, acquisitions, or major changes in company strategy.

What is a wall display?

A wall display is a large screen or set of screens that are mounted on a wall, typically in a public space such as a museum, retail store, or conference center. These displays can range in size from small a screen size to large format video walls, and can be used to showcase a variety of content, including promotional videos, informational graphics, and interactive exhibits.

Applications for video walls

Wall displays are often used in retail settings to showcase products and promotions, and in museums and galleries to display artwork and other exhibits. They can also be used in conference centers to display schedules, maps, and other event information.

Products used for this type of display

The technology used in video walls can vary depending on the application and desired image quality. Some displays may use LCD or plasma screens, while others use LED or OLED technology. Many wall displays also incorporate touchscreen functionality or other interactive features to engage viewers and provide a more immersive experience.





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